Podcast S1 E2 "Where the water flows, Shayne Dale goes!"

In this episode, Shayne Dale and Chelsey Johnson discuss the CRTP program and insights on entering the water operation industry. Learn everything about the CRTP including the origin of the phrase "Circuit Rider".Delve into his journey, offering valuable perspective on the challenges and rewards of working in the field. Whether you're aspiring or curious, tune in for an informative exploration of water management.
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Podcast S1E4: "International Women's Day Special with our Executive Director, Melanie Debassige"

OFNTSC Executive Director, Melanie Debassige, shares insights on International Women’s Day, her professional journey, influences, plans for the organization's future, and the benefits of CrossFit, along with the importance of carving out time to indulge in a good book!
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Podcast S1 E3: "Operations, Maintenance, and Elmer Lickers!"

The following is an auto-generated transcript of an episode of OFNTSC's Podcast "Ontario First Nations Technically Speaking 'Cast" hosted by Chelsey Johnson. In this episode, Operations and Maintenance Supervisor Elmer Lickers discusses the early days of the OFNTSC as well as what the future hold for his service and its programs.
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