Dylan Madahbee

Dylan is from Aundeck Omni Kaning. Born and raised on Manitoulin Island, moved to Sudbury when I was 18. I've been in the civil field for about five years and have witnessed all sides of the construction of roads. Dylan started at the bottom while being on EI after failing university for Biomedical, to doing a green construction training program hosted by Sault College. While there Dylan learned the basics of residential construction. 

Once completed he took the Cambrian College Civil Engineering Technology program and finally found his footing. While attending there Dylan applied for the Infrastructures Opportunity Program (IOP) and was one of three selected participants. Dylan ended up getting hired full-time at AECOM and worked there for about three years. After that, he worked for Pinchin as their AutoCAD Civil 3D specialist. For any drawing that the company wanted to output, it was Dylan's job to follow the applicable standards and create the outputs. Nine times out of ten, if you had a drawing from them Dylan would have had some input on it.

 In Dylan's downtime, he likes to play video games, play his drum set, create art, fish, teach his son, and simply relax. Dylan loves to laugh and make other people laugh, Dylan tells us he will always be truthful and lead by example to the best of his abilities.

Certified Engineer Technologist