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Introduction to the Circuit Rider Training Program!

What is CRTP?

The Circuit Rider Training Program (CRTP) provides quality one-on-one training to First Nations operators, supporting them in the operation and maintenance of drinking water and wastewater systems in First Nations communities.

Under this program, Circuit Rider Trainers (CRTs) visit First Nation communities to work with water operators, providing as much time and hands-on support as is required to ensure the reliable provision of safe drinking water.

The CRTP program is tailored to the needs and aptitudes of each trainee. Operators learn how to operate, service, and maintain the water and wastewater systems in their community.


How does the program work?

Circuit Rider Training Program is competency-based. The instructor visits the community on a scheduled basis, teaching about the specific equipment that is installed in the community plant. The trainer works with the operators on their equipment, this ensures there is no confusion when it's time to use the equipment.  

The program helps ensure that potable water is provided to community members, that the plants and buildings are operating efficiently and effectively and that the maintenance is being performed properly to ensure that the maximum life span of the buildings and equipment is realized.

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