Monique Dubé, Phd

"I am honoured to serve on the Board of Directors of the OFNTSC and importantly, supporting Ontario First Nations to achieve sustainability, improved services and an improved standard of living."

Dr. Dubé is an executive leader with an exemplary technical and professional services background in environmental sciences, water and wastewater, and emergency management, with application in government, academia, private sector and industry environments as well as to support Indigenous communities (First Nations and Métis).

Dr. Dubé’s unique professional experience includes over 25 years in progressively developing leadership roles. She has led large interdisciplinary national and international programs receiving significant international attention and facilitated extensive networks of stakeholders and researchers. For the past eight years, Dr. Dubé has owned and operated a progressive, niche environmental consulting firm specializing in supporting Indigenous communities and businesses in negotiating with industry and governments to advance solutions in the economic/social/ environment nexus. Her educational training is in environmental science with professional experience developed across multiple knowledge areas including clean technology development (water and effluent treatment, emissions quantification and management, waste management, information technology), industry operations and compliance, government science, policy and regulation, and the environment. 

Over the course of her career, Dr. Dubé has developed expertise working with First Nations leaders, experience and demonstrated success negotiating with federal decision-makers, expertise working for and in First Nations communities including with First Nations consultants and expertise overseeing strategic First Nations initiatives. She currently supports multiple Indigenous communities in environmental impact assessments, the development of water treatment business opportunities, assessing the effectiveness of community/industry consultation agreements with industry and in supporting communities in compiling and reporting on their own sustainability.