Deneen Brigham

Deneen graduated from Trent University with an Honours Bachelor of Science, joint major in Biology and Environmental Resource Science in 1991.  She has over 25 years of experience working in the environmental field both professionally and as a volunteer.  Since graduating, she has worked for both the Ojibway 1850 Treaty Council and OFNTSC on more than one occasion.  Deneen was first employed by the Ojibway 1850 Treaty Council in the early 90’s as a Government Advisor and as a Project Coordinator on an environmental impact assessment study involving Ontario Hydro and First Nation Communities in Northwestern, Ontario.  

Deneen has previously worked as a Biologist/Technical Writer and as an Environmental Researcher with Environment Canada and the Ministry of Environment.  Deneen rejoined OFNTSC in 2008, after working as an Environmental Consultant for 8 years, where she was responsible for Project Management on a variety of projects including: contaminated site assessment and remediation, landfill site planning, groundwater and surface water investigations and aquatic baseline studies. Deneen is located out of OFNTSC’s Thunder Bay office, primarily focusing on Solid Waste and Contaminated Site Projects.

Thunder Bay Office
Senior Environmental Scientist