Water & Wastewater

Thunder Bay Service Centre:

Glen Goodman, Civil Specialist 
Phone: 807-623-9595 ext. 115
Email: ggoodman@ofntsc.org

Toronto Service Centre: 

Mathew Hoppe, Engineering Manager
Phone: 807-623-9595 ext. 113
Email: mhoppe@ofntsc.org

Rob Olivier, Engineer/Water and Wastewater              
Phone: 416-651-1443 ext. 240
Email: rolivier@ofntsc.org

Derek Hill, Engineer
Phone: 905-768-3399 ext. 305
Email: dhill@ofntsc.org

Tricia Hamilton, Engineer/Water and Wastewater
Phone: 416-651-1443 ext. 232
Email: thamilton@ofntsc.org

The OFNTSC’s Water and Wastewater Service works with First Nations to ensure community water and wastewater systems perform to their peak efficiency and within operating guidelines. The Water and Wastewater Service also provides quality assurance to ensure the delivery of safe drinking water to First Nation communities.

Advisory Services:

  • Project planning and development
  • Contract administration, tendering, and construction
  • Terms of reference development
  • Quality assurance

The Water and Wastewater Service began as a quality assurance initiative to ensure Ontario First Nations received the same level of service and site visits from the OFNTSC and tribal council technical services.  Those principals helped shaped what is provided now.  Today the Water and Wastewater Service has incorporated engineering functions as well as serving as a step-by-step project planning program from inception to completion.


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