Federal Species at Risk Funding Programs

Applications are now being accepted for the Federal Species at Risk (SAR) Funding Programs for work to be undertaken in 2010-2011. The application deadline is the end of day on November 6th, 2009. 

Canadians who want to get involved in the protection and recovery of species at risk can apply to one of the two main federal funding programs that are tools to support the implementation of the Species at Risk Act:
● Habitat Stewardship Program for Species at Risk (HSP); and
● Aboriginal Funds for Species at Risk (AFSAR).
Proposals must be developed according to the guidelines provided by the respective programs and submitted directly to the appropriate funding program. Projects will be assessed and selected before March 2010 and successful applicants will be notified shortly thereafter. Funds awarded are to be spent before March 31st, 2011.  Multi-year proposals will be accepted.  Please note that such a proposal requires a distinct work plan, matching funds and budget for each funding year. 
In order to eliminate duplication, applicants cannot receive funding from more that one of these federal programs for similar activities. Each proposal submitted to the funding programs mentioned above must be for different activities.
Please see the attached document for the Federal SAR Funding Program Priorities in Ontario.
The Federal Government has established a collaborative working relationship with the Provincial Species at Risk Stewardship Fund (SARSF) delivered by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. The announcement opening the call for proposals to this Provincial program is anticipated next month.  The opportunity may exist for you to apply to one of the Federal SAR funding programs as well as the Provincial fund.
The application deadline is the end of day on November 6th, 2009 for all the federal SAR funds (HSP and AFSAR).  A one page expression of interest must first be submitted to gain access to the on-line application tool.
For more information please contact the appropriate program coordinator or see the attached program guidelines.
Habitat Stewardship Program (HSP)
Kim Laird – Regional HSP Coordinator
(416) 739-4986
Aboriginal Funds for Species at Risk (AFSAR)
Tania Morais – Regional AFSAR Coordinator
(416) 739-4100
Species at Risk Stewardship Fund (SARSF)
Paula Julio – SAR Stewardship Fund Advisor
(705) 755-1208
Paula. Julio@ontario.ca
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