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TCA/PSAB 3150 Refresher Workshop

The Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation (OFNTSC) Operations and Maintenance program is pleased to announce two “Refresher” workshops for the Tangible Capital Asset (TCA)/PSAB3150 reporting requirements.

The two workshops are intended for financial & technical managers responsible for First Nations tangible capital assets. The workshops will provide additional hands-on training using tools that were developed to assist First Nations in completing PSAB3150/TCA new reporting requirements. Further to the training, we will also hear the latest PSBA3150 updates from AFOA, First Nations experience & challenges and PSAB3150 updates related to non-compliance from Indian & Northern Affairs Canada.

Workshop registration is free to First Nations/Tribal Councils and due to limited space, registration will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis.  Workshops will be available on the following days:

Nov. 24-25, 2010 Holiday Inn, Sudbury, ON (Click here for registration information)

Dec. 8-9, 2010 Travelodge Airlane, Thunder Bay, ON (Click here for registration information)

For more information on these sessions, please visit the registrations pages or contact Elmer Lickers: 416 651 1443 x223,  Samantha Mandamin (Sudbury Workshop): 416 651 1443 x221, or Tracey John (Thunder Bay Workshop):  807 623 9595 x11,

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