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Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council releases Housing Tool Kit 2.0

The Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation is pleased to share with our First Nations and Tribal Councils the Housing Policy Toolkit 2.0.  The housing policy toolkit was developed by B.C. First Nations, Indigenous Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), and by the Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council in B.C. The housing policy kit is intended to assist First Nations in their development of a community housing policy. The tool kit covers:

  • Rent and Rent-To-Own Housing Policy and Procedures, including:
  • Eligibility, Application and Allocation of Rental Housing; Arrears; Termination of Tenancy; Marital Breakdown; Death of a Tenant (including Rent-To-Own); Insurance; Tenant Damage and Vandalism; Condition Assessments; Transfer of Ownership; and Appeals Procedures.
  • Rental Agreement;
  • Rent-To-Own Agreement;
  • Sublease Agreement;
  • Arrears Repayment Agreement;
  • Tenant Damage Agreement;
  • Pet Policy Tenancy Addendum;
  • Rental Schedule of Maintenance and Repair Responsibilities;
  • Rent-to-Own Phased Schedule of Maintenance and Repair Responsibilities; and
  • Twenty-Five Sample Appendix.

The Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council would like to extend their gratitude to all who participated in the project to bring it to completion. Those partners are:

  • T’Sou-ke Nation, Halalt First Nation and Klahoose First Nation for providing the partnership support necessary to access project funding for Version 2.0;
  • Funding support of the New Relationship Trust for Version 2.0;
  • Funding support of INAC for Version 1.0; and
  • Advice and guidance provided by the Assembly of First Nations, National Aboriginal Land Managers Association, Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation and the Center of Excellence for Matrimonial Real Property.

Those interested in receiving a copy of the Housing Policy Kit 2.0 have to fill out the attached request form at the bottom of this page, and must submit the completed form to to receive a copy. Have more questions? Please contact Grace Martineau, Housing Advisor at 807 623 9595 ext. 125.

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