Emergency Planning

New Credit - Head Office: Tracey Anderson    Phone: 905 768 3399

                                            Alisha Anderson     Ext. 306

                                            Kyle Martin             Ext. 307

The Emergency Planning Service of the OFNTSC provides training, and preparation for emergency situations such as natural disasters and industrial/transportation accidents. Specifically the Emergency Planning Service works with First Nation’s community members, and emergency services to develop community emergency plans.

Advisory Services:

  • Development of emergency management plans through four phased approach
  • Training: Phase One – Risk Assessment, Phase Two – Framework, Phase Three – Tabletop Exercise, Phase Four – Mock Disaster
  • Review, and analysis of existing emergency management plans

The Emergency Planning Service is the newest service to be offered by the OFNTSC. It was created in 2010, to address the need of First Nations without emergency management plans in Ontario. The Emergency Planning Service’s Public Information Officer is primarily responsible for the coordination of training and collection of emergency management plans.   


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